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Correct Option is A, B, E, F

By using the given information:
Not more than four and not less than one book is kept in one column. There are three shelves between Book B and Book D and both are kept in the same column but not in column B and C. Only one shelves are below the shelf in which Book I is kept but not in column D. Book J is kept immediate west of Book I. There are two shelves between Book J and Book G and both are in the same column. We have three possible cases for that. Case1, Case2 and Case2(a).

There is only one shelf between Book F and Book B, which is kept below Book F and both are in the same column. The number of books kept between Book J and Book G is equal to the number of books kept below Book D so two books are kept below D so as two books are kept between Book G and Book J as we can’t place more than two books between them.

Book A placed just below Book C in the same column but above the second row. Book A is kept neither to the West nor North West of Book F. Now case2 will be eliminated. Book E is kept second to the west of Book A. Book H is not kept adjacent to Book J and we know two books are placed between G and J. So book H is placed immediate above book E. Now we have our final arrangements.

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