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Correct Option is pardon, compel

Solution:The correct pair of words is “pardon, compel”. ‘Absolve’ means ‘to say formally that somebody does not have to take responsibility for something’ hence ‘pardon’ is a synonym which means ‘a release from the legal penalties of an offense’ and ‘compel’ is an antonym which means ‘to force somebody to do something’. Hence, option (c) is the most suitable answer choice. abate means to become less strong; to make something less strong. aggravate means to make something worse or more serious. abrogate means repeal or do away with (a law, right, or formal agreement). forsake means to leave a person or a place forever (especially when you should stay). counsel means to give professional advice and help to somebody with a problem. applaud means to hit your hands together noisily (clap) in order to show that you like somebody/something.

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