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Correct Option is Vladivostok, Russia’s eastern port city

During Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Vladivostok, Russia , an MoU was signed to open a full-fledged maritime route between Russia’s eastern port city and Chennai on India’s eastern seaboard. Located on the Golden Horn Bay north of North Korea and a short distance from Russia’s border with China, Vladivostok is the largest port on Russia’s Pacific coast, and home to the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy. At Vladivostok’s massive port, shipping and commercial fishing are the main commercial activities. An ocean liner travelling from Vladivostok to Chennai would sail southward on the Sea of Japan past the Korean peninsula, Taiwan and the Philippines in the South China Sea, past Singapore and through the Strait of Malacca, to emerge into the Bay of Bengal and then cut across through the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago to Chennai. This sea route covers a distance of approximately 5,600 nautical miles, or about 10,300 km. A large container ship travelling at the normal cruising speed of 20-25 knots, or 37-46 km/hour, should be able to cover the distance in 10-12 days. It will ensures connectivity between the two major ports which will give impetus to the cooperation between India and the Russian Far East. India is building nuclear power plants with Russia’s collaboration in Kudankulam on the sea coast in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli district. The opening of a sea route will help in the project. It will also increase India’s presence in the Indo-Pacific, and especially the South China Sea, a deeply contested patch of the ocean that Beijing considers its stomping ground.

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