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Correct Option is Rajasthan

The term Panchayati Raj in India signifies the system of rural local self-government. It has been established in all states of India by the Acts of state legislatures to build democracy at the grass-root level. It is entrusted with rural development. 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act of 1992 The act added part IX to the constitution, “The Panchayats” and also added the eleventh schedule which consists of the 29 functional items of panchayats. Part IX of the constitution contains Article 243 to Article 243 O. Rajasthan was the first state to establish Panchayati Raj. The scheme was inaugurated by the prime minister on October 2, 1959, in Nagaur district. Rajasthan was followed by Andhra Pradesh, which also adopted the system in 1959. Hence Option (a) is correct.

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