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Correct Option is 1,2 and 3

Right to Information Act 2005 The government enacted it for exercising the fundamental right under Article 19 (1) of the Indian Constitution. The act is one of the most important acts which empowers ordinary citizens to question the government and its working. This has been widely used by citizens and media to uncover corruption, progress in government work, expenses related information, etc. Public authorities under this act include all authorities and bodies under the union government, state government, or local bodies. The civil societies that are substantially funded, directly or indirectly, by the public funds also fall within the ambit of the Right to Information. Political Parties are already under the RTI Act as they have not challenged the Central Information Commission’s verdict of June 2013 (Political Parties are public authorities under Section 2(h) of the RTI Act) although they have also not complied with the order yet. Hence all statements are correct.

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