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Correct Option is None of the above

Article 148 under Part V of the Constitution of India establishes the authority of the Comptroller and Auditor-General of India audits the accounts of not only the Central government but also those of the States. But, his appointment and removal are done by the President without consulting the states. Hence, this office restricts the financial autonomy of the states. Hence both statements are incorrect. The duties and functions of the CAG as laid down by the Constitution are 1.The Auditing the accounts related to all expenditure drawn from the Consolidated Fund of India, consolidated fund of every state and consolidated fund of every union territory having a Legislative Assembly. 2.Audit of all expenditure from the Contingency Fund of India and the Public Account of India as well as the contingency funds and the public accounts of states. 3.Audit of all trading, manufacturing, profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and other subsidiary accounts of any department of the Central Government and state governments. The American Comptroller-General, on the contrary, has no role with respect to the accounts of the states.

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