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Correct Option is 1,2 and 4

The Zonal Councils are the statutory bodies. They are established by an Act of the Parliament, that is, States Reorganisation Act of 1956. The act divided the country into five zones (Northern, Central, Eastern, Western and Southern) and provided a zonal council for each zone. Hence statement 3 is incorrect. Each zonal council consists of the following members: (a) the home minister of Central government. (b) chief ministers of all the States in the zone. (c) Two other ministers from each state in the zone. (d) The administrator of each union territory in the zone. While forming these zones, several factors have been taken into account which includes,the natural divisions of the country, the river systems and means of communication, the cultural and linguistic affinity and the requirements of economic development, security and law and order. They are advisory bodies and were established to promote interstate cooperation and coordination. Thus statement 1,2 and 4 are correct.

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