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Correct Option is Only 2

The Constitution lays down the following conditions of the President’s office 1. He should not be a member of either House of Parliament or a House of the state legislature. If any such person is elected as President, he is deemed to have vacated his seat in that House on the date on which he enters upon his office as President. 2. He should not hold any other office of profit. 3. He is entitled to such emoluments, allowances and privileges as may be determined by Parliament. 4. His emoluments and allowances cannot be diminished during his term of impeachment are a quasi-judicial procedure in the Parliament. 5.No President has so far been impeached The nominated members of either House of Parliament can participate in the impeachment of the President though they do not participate in his election. The elected members of the legislative assemblies of states and the Union Territories of Delhi and Puducherry do not participate in the impeachment of the President though they participate in his election. Hence statement 1 and 3 are incorrect and statement 2 is correct.

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