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Correct Option is Only 2

The institution of the Lokpal is established at the Centre and the Lokayukta at the level of the State and thus seeks to provide a uniform vigilance and anti-corruption road map for the nation both at the Centre and at the States. The following are the drawbacks of the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 1. Lokpal cannot suo motu proceed against any public servant 2.Emphasis on the form of complaint rather than substance 3. Heavy punishment for false and frivolous complaints against public servants may deter complaints from being filed to Lokpal. 4.Anonymous complaints not allowed 5.Legal assistance to public servant against whom the complaint is filed 6. The limitation period of 7 years to file complaints. 7. Very non-transparent procedure for dealing with complaints against the Prime Minister. Hence statement 1 is incorrect and statement 2 is correct.

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