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Correct Option is None of the above

1.The institution of Ombudsman was first created in Sweden in 1809. ‘Ombud’ is a Swedish term and refers to a person who acts as representative or spokesman of another person. According to Donald C. Rowat, Ombudsman refers to “an officer appointed by the legislature to handle complaints against administrative and judicial action. 2. Swedish Ombudsman is appointed by Parliament for a term of four years. He can be removed only by the Parliament on the ground of its loss of confidence in him. He submits his annual report to the Parliament and hence, is also known as Parliamentary Ombudsman. But he is independent of the Parliament as well as the executive and judiciary. 3. From Sweden, the institution of Ombudsman spread to other Scandinavian countries, Finland (1919), Denmark (1955), and Norway (1962). 4. New Zealand is the first Commonwealth country in the world to have adopted the Ombudsman system in form of a Parliamentary Commissioner for Investigation in 1962. Hence both statements are incorrect.

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