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Correct Option is 1 and 3

Zero Hour The zero-hours is not mentioned in the Rules of Procedure. Thus it is an informal device available to the members of the Parliament to raise matters without any prior notice. The zero hour starts immediately after the question hour and lasts until the agenda for the day is taken up. It has been in existence since 1962. Hence statement 1 is correct. Short Duration Discussion It is also known as two-hour discussion as the time allotted for such a discussion should not exceed two hours. The members of the Parliament can raise such discussions on a matter of urgent public importance. The Speaker can allot two days in a week for such discussions. This device has been in existence since 1953. Hence statement 3 is correct. Calling Attention Motion It is introduced in the Parliament by a member to call the attention of a minister to the matter of urgent public importance, and to seek an authoritative statement from him on that matter. Like the zero hours, it is also an Indian innovation in the parliamentary procedure and has been in existence since 1954. Hence statement 2 is not correct. Committee on Government Assurances This committee examines the assurances, promises and undertakings given by ministers from time to time on the floor of the House and reports on the extent to which they have been carried through. In the Lok Sabha, it consists of 15 members and in the Rajya Sabha, it consists of 10 members. It was constituted in 1953. Hence statement 4 is not correct.

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