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Correct Option is 2 and 3

Articles 52 to 78 in Part V of the Constitution deal with the Union executive. The President is the head of the Indian State. He is the first citizen of India and acts as the symbol of unity, integrity and solidarity of the nation. All doubts and disputes in connection with the election of President are inquired into and decided by the Supreme Court whose decision is final. The election of a person as President cannot be challenged on the ground that the electoral college was incomplete (ie, the existence of any vacancy among the members of the electoral college). If the election of a person as President is declared void by the Supreme Court, acts done by him before the date of such declaration of the Supreme Court are not invalidated and continue to remain in force. Where an assembly is dissolved, the members cease to be qualified to vote in the presidential election, even if fresh elections to the dissolved assembly are not held before the presidential election. Hence statement 2 and 3 are incorrect and statement 1 is correct.

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