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Correct Option is market without control by government authorities.

Here you can easily discard options (d) and (b) because there cannot be made out from the text. For aspirants, there might be confusion between the other two, because as per your knowledge, both options show the characteristics of a free market system. And both are somewhere mentioned in the passage. 

Now, you need to be a little careful and be objective in selecting the options. You need to select the answer “according to the passage”.

The temptation to pick up option (c) will come from this line – “The debates tend to focus on free market operations and forces, their efficiency and their ability for self correction”. But notice that the word ‘apologists’ has not come into picture till now. It has been mentioned later. Moreover, “ability for self correction” is still a debate. 

Now move on to examine the first option. Here is the supporting text - “...The apologists of the system continue to justify the success of capitalism and argue that the recent crisis was a blip. Their arguments betray an ideological bias/ with the assumptions that an unregulated market is fair.....” 

Notice the word “unregulated” (not regulated by government). This is your answer. This option is more appropriate than the option (c), because it has been explicitly mentioned in the passage. 

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