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Correct Option is Unjustified hike in land revenue by the authorities.

Bardoli: The movement sparked off in January 1926, when the authorities decided to increase the land revenue by 30%. The Bardoli Inquiry Committee, constituted by the Congress, found the revenue hike to be unjustified. Under Patel, the Bardoli peasants resolved to refuse payments of the revised assessment, until the Government appointed an independent tribunal or accepted the current amount as full payment. The government eventually relented when a committee went into the whole affair and found the revenue hike to be unjustified and recommended a rise of 6% only. Kheda: Kheda Satyagraha was launched against the refusal to grant remission by the authorities despite a drought. Eka: Oppression of the thikadars in charge of revenue collection was one of the issues in Eka Movement. Kisan Sabha Movement: Summary evictions and renewal fees were issues in the Kisan Sabha Movement.

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