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Correct Option is 1 and 4

Privileges of a state legislature (Article 194) They are a sum of special rights, immunities and exemptions enjoyed by the Houses of state legislature, their committees and their members. They are necessary in order to secure the independence and effectiveness of their actions. Without these previleges, the Houses can neither maintain their authority, dignity and honour nor can protect their members from any obstruction in the discharge of their legislative responsibilities. It must be clarified here that the privileges of the state legislature do not extend to the governor who is also an integral part of the state legislature The Constitution has also extended the privileges of the state legislature to those persons who are entitled to speak and take part in the proceedings of a House of the state legislature or any of its committees. These include advocate general of the state and state ministers. Hence statement 1 and 4 are correct and statement 2 and 3 are incorrect.

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