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Correct Option is 4 only

The recommendations of the Nehru Report were not acceptable to Jinnah.He proposed certain amendments in the Nehru report but his demands were not accepted. Jinnah in 1929 gave 14 points in reaction to Nehru Report. His famous 14 points are: Federal constitution with residual powers with the provinces. Provincial autonomy. No constitutional amendment without the agreement of the states. All legislatures and elected bodies to have adequate Muslim representation without reducing Muslim majority in a province to minority or equality. Adequate Muslim representation of Muslims in the services and in self-governing bodies. 1/3rd representation of Muslims in the Central Legislature. 1/3rd Muslim members in the central and state cabinets. Separate electorates. No bill to be passed in any legislature if 3/4th of a minority community considers it against its interests. Any reorganisation of territories not to affect the Muslim majority in Bengal, Punjab and the NWFP. Separation of Sindh from Bombay Presidency. Constitutional reforms in the NWFP and Baluchistan. Full religion freedom for all communities. Protection of the religious, cultural, educational and language rights of Muslims.

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