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Correct Option is Purifying the Sikh religion by removing all the abuses, superstitions and ills practices

Kukas were not part of the main-stream Sikhism of the Sikhs.They wanted caste-abolition, permission of intermarriages, widow-remarriages, abstinence from desi liquor, meat and drugs.Namdhari were also “Kuka” because their recited Gurbani in similar manner.Kukas wanted to throw away the British and restore Sikh Sovereignty over Punjab.Kuka followers had to wear only hand woven clothes and boycott British education, laws and readymade products.Thus Kuka movement had elements of “Non-Cooperation” and “civil disobedience” as well.Kuka Movement Founder: Bhagat Jawhar Mal aka Sian Sahib.Later his disciples Balak Singh and Ramsingh carried forward the movement.

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