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Correct Option is Self Rule and Stopping drain of wealth from India

Gokhale launched his Servants of India Society,combining striclty Moderate Goals with an insistence on self-sacrifice, moral purity , and full-time national work on a very low salary.Servants of India Society was founded on 12 June 1905 by Gopal Krishna Gokhale to build a dedicated group of people for social service and reforms. In the field of famine relief, union organisation, cooperatives and uplift of tribals and depressed, the Society did commendable work.Gopal Krishna Gokhale was supported by a group of dedicated persons such as Gopal Krishna Deodhar, Anant Patwardhan, Natesh Appaji Dravid etc. The society worked in the fields of promotion of education, removal of untouchability, promotion of sanitation and healthcare etc. From 1911, it also published its newsletter titled “Hitavada” in English from Nagpur. The society still exists and has its headquarters in Pune.

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