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Correct Option is 2,3 and 4

A vacancy in the President’s office can occur in any of the following ways 1.On the expiry of his tenure of five years. In this situation, Vice-President does not get the opportunity to act as President or to discharge functions of the President. Hence statement 1 is not correct. 2.By his resignation 3.On his removal by the process of impeachment 4.By his death 5.When he becomes disqualified to hold office or when his election is declared void. When the vacancy is going to be caused by the expiration of the term of the sitting President, an election to fill the vacancy must be held before the expiration of the term. In case of any delay in conducting the election of new President by any reason, the outgoing President continues to hold office (beyond his term of five years) until his successor assumes charge. This is provided by the Constitution in order to prevent an ‘interregnum’. In this when a vacancy occurs in the office of the President due to his resignation, removal, death or otherwise, the Vice-President acts as the President until a new President is elected. Further, when the sitting President is unable to discharge his functions due to absence, illness or any other cause, the Vice- President discharges his functions until the President resumes his office. Hence statement 2,3 and 4 are correct.

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