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Correct Option is As same as the F’s age

From the given statements, the age of them is different in consecutive multiple of 6 from 6 to 60. The age of the one who was born on Wednesday is a multiple of 9 and twice to the one who was born on Thursday. The Age of the one who likes Red is a multiple of 10. Only two possibility that the one who likes red is either 30 or 60 years old but 60 years is not possible because from 18 to 60 need more than 6 persons.

E was born on Friday and twice older than the one who was born on Tuesday. Here we get 3 possible cases. In case 1, age range between 18-48, In case 2 age range between 6-36 and in case 4 between 12-42 and in case 3 age range between 6-36.

B likes Orange and 30 years older to the one who was born on Tuesday. Here Case 1 is ruled out because of the age range. B was not born on Wednesday, hence case 3 will also eliminate here.D was born on Monday. Total age of C and F is same as the age of D. The one who likes Green is thrice the age of the one who likes Black. E does not like Yellow. F is younger to C. So, the final arrangement is-

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