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Correct Option is None of these

Solution:Three persons sit between A and the person whose age is 30 and one of them sits at extreme end. P sits 2nd to the right of A. Two persons sit between Q and D who sits immediate left of P. C sits immediate right of Q who is 9 years younger than R. Only one person sits to the left of D. Here, we get two possibilities i.e., Case 1 and Case 2 and, in each Case, we get the age of Q which is 30. So, R is 39 years old. C sits 3rd to the left of R who is 2nd oldest person.

Person whose age is 25 sits 3rd to the left of B who sits right of S. Sum of the ages of A and C is equal to the age of B whose age is divisible by 11. C and D have odd numbered ages. No one is younger than 15 and older than 41. Both oldest and youngest persons are immediate neighbours of P. So, B is 33 years old. Now, C and D are youngest and oldest person. A is 2nd youngest person. So, Age of A and C is 18 and 15 respectively. Now D is oldest person and his age is odd numbered, so his age is 41. Average of the ages of A, C and S is 18. So, S’s age is 21 years. Youngest and oldest person faces South and North respectively. Here, Case 2 is ruled out.
So, the final arrangement will be: -

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