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Correct Option is 180m

From the given statements, P swims 60m less than Q and 3rd from one of the extreme ends. P swims the distance which is multiple of 50. Distance swim by T is equal to the total distance swim by V and W. Total distance swim by P and U is 500m. S swims the maximum distance. Q swims the average distance of V and W. W does not swim more than 350m. V swim 140m. V swims the least distance. Here we get 2 possibility and some clues-

Distance swim by S is 100m less than the total distance swim by P and T (Which means S swims 470). One person swims between P and R, who swims at one of the extreme ends. Number of persons swim between P and R is same as the number of persons swim right of S.

No one swim between S and W, who does not swim at any extreme end. From this condition Case 2 is ruled out now. The one who swims 170m is 4th to the left of the one who swims 4th least distance (Which means R swims 170m because we get rest 7 persons data before). After getting all the data according to distance we know Q is the 4th least swim.

V swim 140m and 2nd to the left of W. U is not swim left of T. So, the final arrangement is-

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