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Correct Option is Fifth to the right

Solution:F sits third to the right of the one who has sheet. F sits on the curvy side of the table. One person sits between the one who has sheet and B who has pencil. B and F are not immediate neighbours. The one who has cutter sits opposite to the one having pencil. A has phone and sits exactly in between B and F from either of the side. C sits second to the left of J who sits adjacent to A. Here, we have two possible cases, case 1 and case 2.
The one having shoes and the one having fruit sits diagonally opposite to each other and none of them sits adjacent to C. Case 1 will eliminate here. E sits adjacent to H and the one who has fruit. E is not an immediate neighbour of B. The persons having their names with adjacent alphabets do not sit together. K sits second to the left of I who sits third to the left of the one having coin. C and E do not have frame and metal. The one who has coffee and the one who has metal sits adjacent to each other. So, the final arrangement is:

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