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Correct Option is Stenographer

This is the format: Person (Gender – Profession), So from the statements given in the question, we have. X, Y and Z are used until the person is unknown. 

Statement1 (S1): A (M - Engineer) – “X” (F- Stenographer) 

S2: “Y” (M/F – Judge) – “Z” (M/F- Lawyer) 

S3: F (M – Draughtsman) – Son of B and brother of E 

This means that: E is Doctor and son of B 

By S4 the following are clear: C lawyer will the wife of B judge. Moreover, D is the stenographer. 

By S5: D is the grandmother of F. 

So, this is the final relationship: 

First Generation : A (M - Engineer) – D (F- Stenographer) 

Second Generation: B (M, Judge) – C (F, Lawyer) 

Third Generation: F (M – Draughtsman) & E (M/F – Doctor) 

Directions for the following 7 (seven) items: Read the following two passages and answer the items that follow each passage. Your answers to these items should be based on the passages only. 

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