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Correct Option is 104m

Solution:From the given statements, Ford is second to the right of Tiago. The total distance between Amaze and I- 20 is 52m. Only one car is parked in between Ignis and Amaze. Ford and I-20 are parked next to each other. I-10 and Ford are not parked next to Ignis.
Now Car Ignis starts moving towards north direction after moving 6m it takes a right turn and stops at Maggie point after moving 8m. Car I-10 starts moving in east direction and after going 15m it turns right and move 20m and then again turn right and move 99m and stops there at Crown point.Ford car starts moving in south direction and after moving 10m it takes a left turn and moves 60m then it again takes a left turn and moves 5m and stop at Point A.

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