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Correct Option is None of these

Solution:When we see each step, then we can find that there are numbers arranged in every step. Some operations are applied on each number in every step. The logic are as follows-
Step I: Place the square value of 2nd digit of the input number first after that place the square value of first digit.
Step II: Square value of the highest digit of the numbers in step I.
Step III: Odd number is multiplied with 2 and even number is multiplied with 3.
Step IV: Arranged all the digits in descending order within the number and after that multiplied with 5.
Input: 95 33 74 84 42
Step I: 2581 0909 1649 1664 0416
Step II: 64 81 81 36 36
Step III: 192 162 162 108 108
Step IV: 4605 3105 3105 4050 4050

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