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Correct Option is 84th Amendment Act

Articles 153 to 167 in Part VI of the Constitution deal with state executive. The state executive consists of the governor, the chief minister, the council of ministers and the advocate general of the state. After each census, a readjustment is to be made in the 1.Total number of seats in the assembly of each state 2.The division of each state into territorial constituencies The Parliament is empowered to determine the authority and the manner in which it is to be made. The 42nd Amendment Act of 1976 had frozen total number of seats in the assembly of each state and the division of such state into territorial constituencies till the year 2000 at the 1971 level. The 84th Amendment Act of 2001 1.Ban on readjustment has been extended for another years(upto year 2026). 2.It empowered the government to undertake readjustment and rationalisation of territorial constituencies in a state on the basis of the population figures of 1991 census.

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