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Correct Option is Government of India Act 1935

Indian Independence Act of 1947 1. Ended the British rule in India and declared India as an independent and sovereign state from August 15, 1947. 2. It provided for the partition of India and creation of two independent dominions of India and Pakistan with the right to secede from the British Commonwealth. 3. It abolished the office of the viceroy and provided, for each dominion, a governor-general, who was to be appointed by the British King on the advice of the Dominion cabinet. His Majesty’s Government in Britain was to have no responsibility with respect to the Government of India or Pakistan. 4. It provided for the governance of each of the dominions and the provinces by the Government of India Act of 1935 till the new Constitutions were framed. The dominions were however authorised to make modifications in the Act.

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