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Correct Option is 89th Amendment Act of 2003

The National Commission for Scheduled Castes (SCs) is a constitutional body in the sense that it is directly established by Article 338 of Constitution. National Commission for SCs came into existence in 2004. 65th Constitutional Amendment Act of 1990– It provided for the establishment of a high-level multi-member National Commission for SCs and STs in the place of a single Special Officer for SCs and STs. This constitutional body replaced the Commissioner for SCs and STs as well as the Commission set up under the Resolution of 1987. 89th Constitutional Amendment Act of 2003 It bifurcated the combined National Commission for SCs and STs into two separate bodies 1.National Commission for Scheduled Castes (under Article 338) 2.National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (under Article 338-A) 52nd Constitutional Amendment Act of 1985– A Member of Parliament or state legislature can be disqualified on grounds of defection and inserted schedule 10. Hence Option (b) is correct.

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