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Correct Option is 1,2 and 4

73RD AMENDMENT ACT OF 1992 It has added a new Part-IX to the Constitution of India. This part is entitled as ‘The Panchayats’ and consists of provisions from Articles 243 to 243 O. In addition, the act has also added a new Eleventh Schedule to the Constitution. This schedule contains 29 functional items of the panchayats. It deals with Article 243-G. The eleventh Schedule contains the following 29 functional items 1.Agriculture, including agricultural extension 2.Land improvement, implementation of land reforms, land consolidation and soil conservation 3.Minor irrigation, water management, and watershed development 4.Animal husbandry, dairying, and poultry 5.Fisheries 6.Social forestry and farm forestry 7.Rural housing 8.Non-conventional energy sources 9.Poverty alleviation program Hence statements 1,2 and 4 are correct. Planning for economic and social development under the Twelfth Schedule.

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