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Correct Option is 2, 3 and 4

The Supreme Court has reaffirmed its judgement in the Menaka case in the subsequent cases. It has declared the following rights as part of Article 21: a. Right to live with human dignity. b. Right to the decent environment including pollution-free water and air and protection against hazardous industries. c. Right to livelihood. d. Right to privacy. e. Right to shelter. f. Right to health. g. Right to free education up to 14 years of age. h. Right to free legal aid. i. Right against solitary confinement. j. Right to a speedy trial. k. Right against handcuffing. l. Right against inhuman treatment.Right against delayed execution. m. Right to travel abroad. n. Right against bonded labour. o. Right against custodial harassment. p. Right to emergency medical aid. q. Right to timely medical treatment in a government hospital. r. Right not to be driven out of a state. s. Right to a fair trial. t. Right of a prisoner to have necessities of life. u. Right of women to be treated with decency and dignity. v. Right against public hanging. w. Right to hearing. x. Right to information. y. Right to reputation.

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