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Correct Option is E

Solution:(i)- From the given information, More than three boxes are placed in between box F and box G. The third lightest box is 35kg. Three boxes are placed in between B and C. Box C is heavier than B. That means box C is placed below Box B. Box F is lighter than D. There are three possibilities-

(ii)- Only two boxes are placed in between D and A which is 60kg. By using this condition case-2 will be eliminated. Weight of box E is double of box D. By using this condition case-3 will be eliminated, and in case-1 position of box A and D has been fixed. Box F is 13kg lighter than box B which is 10kg heavier than D. Hence Box F is 22kg, Box D is 25kg and Box E is 50kg. Difference between the weight of box A and C is 21kg. The final arrangement is-

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