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Correct Option is All of the above

Sarkaria Commission 1983 The agitation for State autonomy led to the creation of the Sarkaria Commission by the Central Government to recommend changes in Centre-State relationship. Some recommendations are Article 356 should be used very sparingly and as a matter of last resort. It can be invoked only in the event of political crisis, internal subversion, physical breakdown and non-compliance with the constitutional directives of the centre. Punchi Commission 2007. The Central Government constituted the Punchi Commission in 2007 to examine centre-state relations along with the possibility of giving sweeping powers to the centre for suo motu deployment of Central forces in states and investigation of crimes affecting national security. It was chaired by the former Chief Justice of India M.M. Punchi. Rajamannar Committee 1969 In, the Tamil Nadu Government (DMK) appointed a three-member committee under the chairmanship of Dr P V Rajamannar to examine the entire question of Centre-state relations and to suggest amendments to the Constitution so as to secure utmost autonomy to the states. The Central government completely ignored its recommendations. Hence option (4) is correct.

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