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Correct Option is None of the above

Adjournment Motion It is introduced in the Parliament to draw the attention of the House to a definite matter of urgent public importance and needs the support of 50 members to be admitted. As it interrupts the normal business of the House, it is regarded as an extraordinary device. It involves an element of censure against the government and hence Rajya Sabha is not permitted to make use of this device. Censure Motion It is moved for censuring the council of ministers for specific policies and actions. 1. It should state the reasons for its adoption in the Lok Sabha 2. It can be moved against an individual minister or a group of ministers or the entire council of ministers 3. If it is passed in the Lok Sabha, the council of ministers need not resign from the office No-Confidence motion Article 75 of the Constitution says that the council of ministers shall be collectively responsible to the Lok Sabha. It means that the ministry stays in the office so long as it enjoys the confidence of the majority of the members of the Lok Sabha. In other words, the Lok Sabha can remove the ministry from office by passing a no-confidence motion. The motion needs the support of 50 members to be admitted. Hence Option (d) is correct.

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