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Correct Option is 1,3 and 4

Charged Expenditure The budget consists of two types of expenditures ‘charged’ upon the Consolidated Fund of India and the expenditure ‘made’ from the Consolidated Fund of India. The charged expenditure is non-votable by the Parliament, it can only be discussed by the Parliament, while the other type has to be voted by the Parliament. The list of the charged expenditure is as follows 1.Emoluments and allowances of the President and other expenditure relating to his office 2.Salaries and allowances of the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha and the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha 3.Salaries, allowances and pensions of the judges of the Supreme Court 4.Pensions of the judges of high courts. Hence statement 2 is incorrect. 5.Salary, allowances and pension of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India 6.Any sum required to satisfy any judgement, decree or award of any court or arbitral tribunal 7.The debt charges for which the Government of India is liable, including interest, sinking fund charges and redemption charges Hence statement 1,3 and 4 are correct.

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