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Correct Option is 1 Only

Main points of the New Delhi Declaration of COP 14 of UNCCD are: Achieve land degradation neutrality by 2030. The participating countries agreed that land degradation is a major economic, social and environmental problem, and welcomed the strengthening of the adoption of voluntary “land degradation neutrality" targets that include restoration of degraded land by 2030. (Neutrality is defined by the UN as ensuring that enough land is available across the world to ensure a sustainable future). A statement of Consensus: While the New Delhi Declaration is a statement of consensus, the 35 decisions are legally binding on each of the 197 signatories. Activities would be carried out over the next two years and would be monitored by India, which has the presidency of COP till 2021. Clear link between land restoration, biodiversity and climate change: All countries recognized that desertification undermines health, development and prosperity in all regions, and were deeply concerned that the impacts would be felt most keenly by the vulnerable people. People First Approach: We need to manage land restoration, so communities are not deprived of land rights. We need to put people first —women, children, health of people and create conditions of peace and prosperity. Participation of Civil Society: Participating countries were convinced that participation from civil society organizations, local governments and the private sector would be crucial in achieving the objectives of UNCCD. The document laid special emphasis on community-driven transformative projects that are gender-sensitive at local, national and regional levels to drive implementation.

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