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Correct Option is 2 and 3

The Protection of Human Rights Act of 1993 provides for the creation of the National Human Rights Commission and State Human Rights Commission at the state level. The State Human Rights Commission is a multi-member body consisting of a chairperson and two members 1. The chairperson should be a retired Chief Justice of a High Court. The Protection of Human Rights (A) Act 2019 provides that even a Judge of a HC can be appointed as the chairman now. 2. Members should be a serving or retired judge of a High Court or a District Judge in the state with a minimum of seven years experience as a District Judge and a person having knowledge or practical experience with respect to human rights. Hence statements 2 and 3 are correct and statement 1 therefore, is also correct. The chairperson and members hold office for a term of five years or until the age of 70 years (whichever is earlier). This provision has been amended reducing the term of office to 3 years or 70 years by the Protection of Human Rights (Amendment) Act 2019. After their tenure, the chairperson and members are not eligible for further employment under a state government or the Central government. This provision has been omitted by the amendment act of 2019 allowing re-appointments. The 2019 Amendment Act provided that a person who has been a Judge of a High Court is also made eligible to be appointed as Chairperson of the State Commission in addition to the person who has been the Chief Justice of the High Court

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