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Correct Option is It should relate to more than one demand.

The motions to reduce any demand for the grant is called as ‘cut motion’, which are of three kinds (a)Policy Cut Motion It represents the disapproval of the policy underlying the demand. It states that the amount of demand is reduced to Re 1. The members can also advocate an alternative policy. (b)Economy Cut Motion It represents the economy that can be affected in the proposed expenditure. It states that the amount of demand is reduced by a specified amount. (c)Token Cut Motion It ventilates a specific grievance that is within the sphere of responsibility of the Government of India. It states that the amount of demand is reduced by Rs 100. A cut motion, to be admissible, must satisfy the following conditions 1. It should relate to one demand only. Hence Option (b) is incorrect. 2. It should be confined to one specific matter 3. It should not make suggestions for the amendment or repeal of existing laws 4. It should not refer to a matter that is not primarily the concern of the Union government 5. It should not raise a question of privilege 6. It should not revive discussion on a matter on which a decision has been taken in the same session. 7. It should not relate to a trivial matter. 8. It should be clearly expressed and should not contain arguments or defamatory statements

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