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Correct Option is They are automatically enforced

The Directive Principles of State Policy are enumerated in Part IV of the Constitution from Articles 36 to 51. The framers of the Constitution borrowed this idea from the Irish Constitution of 1937. 1. These are positive as they require the State to do certain things 2. These are non-justiciable, that is, they are not legally enforceable by the courts for their violation 3. They aim at establishing social and economic democracy in the country 4. These have moral and political sanctions 5. They promote the welfare of the community. Hence, they are societarian and socialistic 6. They require legislation for their implementation. They are not automatically enforced. Hence option (b) is not correct. 7. The courts cannot declare a law violative of any of the Directive Principles as unconstitutional and invalid. However, they can uphold the validity of a law on the ground that it was enacted to give effect to a directive

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