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Correct Option is 32

Solution:Logic- One word and one number is arranged in each step.
Word: Words are arranged in ascending order of the alphabetical series of the first letter of the word such that the first letter with consonants is arranged first and then the first letter with vowels are arranged from the left end.
Numbers: Numbers are arranged in ascending order from the right end. First arrange even number after adding 2 then, arrange odd number after subtracting 2.
Input: 35 group 16 transit 40 mind 30 draw 49 earn
Step I: draw 35 group transit 40 mind 30 49 earn 18
Step II: group draw 35 transit 40 mind 49 earn 18 32
Step III: mind group draw 35 transit 49 earn 18 32 42
Step IV: transit mind group draw 49 earn 18 32 42 33
Step V: earn transit mind group draw 18 32 42 33 47
2nd element from right in step III is 32.

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