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Correct Option is All of these

Solution:After going through the passage carefully, we can conclude that all of the given options are the issues that have been highlighted in the recently concluded Monetary Policy Committee meeting by RBI. To get the clear understanding refer to the second paragraph of the passage: “First was the confidence level in the growth process, which looked upbeat post the Q2 GDP results coming in. Second was a call on the repo rate, which was not expected to change even though inflation threat remains. Third was a decision on the reverse repo rate. This was more to signal to the market that the days of easy money are over and that the RBI is going back to the 25-basis point (bps) corridor around the repo rate. The only factor drawing this back would have been the view on Omicron and its effect on the economy. Fourth is the RBI’s position on the stance, which has been accommodative all along. This, too, was not likely to change in this policy.”

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