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Correct Option is T-shirt

From the given statements, Arun’s sister-in-law buys T-shirt. Arun’s wife does not buy Jeans. Arun’s son buys Watch but does not purchase on Snapdeal. The ones who purchase on Amazon and Ajio app does not buy Shoes. Neeraj’s paternal grandmother buys Trouser. The one who buys Jacket purchases on Snapdeal app.
Arun’s wife purchases with Arun’s mother on the Amazon app. Arun’s sister-in-law purchases on same app with Arun’s aunt so they will purchase on Ajio app. Only Shreya’s son purchases on the Flipkart app. Arun’s father purchases on the same app with Shreya’s husband, who does not buy Jacket.Rashi is sister-in-law of Jaya. Bhuvan is not female member of the family and not married with Shreya. Rashi is unmarried. Arun is the only son of his parents. So, Bhuvan is husband of Jaya and brother of Rashi. Pooja is sister of one of the married female members of the family. So, Pooja is sister of Shreya. So final arrangement will be-

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