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Correct Option is All sentences are correct

Solution:After thoroughly reading the passage, we can conclude that all the given options are correct and consistent.
Option (a): To validate the answer refer to first paragraph of the passage “European Union member states are instead focusing their energies on drafting a new international accord, or possibly a legally binding treaty. It would create rules to facilitate cooperation between countries during a pandemic, so that the next crisis………….The World Health Organization (WHO) has voiced its strong support for the treaty, and other international instrument that would push leaders to follow the organization’s public-health recommendations on sharing data and vaccines.”
Option (b): To validate the answer refer to first paragraph of the passage “The arrival of Omicron — a newly discovered, highly mutated coronavirus variant that seems to be highly transmissible — is creating unease, uncertainty and disruption. The response from world leaders, especially those from high-income countries, is making things worse.”
Option (c): To validate the answer refer to last paragraph of the passage “COVAX was not the priority, and it showed: the scheme had promised to provide 2 billion doses by the end of this year, but by July it had delivered only 95 million……... But these green shoots could be short-lived now that Omicron is prompting high-income nations to once more place large vaccine orders, especially for Omicron-specific vaccines based on messenger RNA.”
Option (d): To validate the answer refer to second paragraph of the passage “That is why more than 100 countries (including both China and the United States) and hundreds of organizations, are supporting a campaign, led by India and South Africa and backed by the WHO, to temporarily waive intellectual-property (IP) rights to COVID-19 vaccines and drugs.”

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