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Correct Option is When reefs are threatened by the effects of global warming, they react by expelling algae and consequently become colorless which is known as ‘coral bleaching’.

Solution:The above-mentioned passage gives us the allusion of the future of deep ocean ecologies due to climate change. And, the most vastly affected marine body is coral reefs which are not just beautiful, brightly colored backgrounds for serene snorkeling experience, but also vital to life on earth. But when the ocean environment changes, if it gets too hot, for instance, the coral stresses out and expels the algae. As the algae leaves, the coral fades until it looks like it has been bleached. We can get the definition of coral bleaching from second paragraph “The assessment found reefs in island nations in particular were highly threatened due to rising water temperatures driven by global heating, which is making bleaching events – when corals expel algae living in their tissue, causing them to turn completely white – more common.”

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