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Correct Option is 1,2 and 3

The Supreme Court under S.R. Bommai case (1994) laid down following guidelines on imposition of President’s Rule in a state under Article 356 1. Proclamation issued under Article 356 is subject to judicial review Hence statement 1 is correct. 2. If the court holds the presidential proclamation to be unconstitutional and invalid, it has the power to restore the dismissed state government and revive the state legislative assembly if it was suspended or dissolved. 3. Secularism is one of the ‘basic features’ of the Constitution. A state government pursuing anti-secular politics is liable to action under Article 356. Hence statement 2 is correct. 4.The question of the state government losing the confidence of the legislative assembly should be decided on the floor of the House and until that is done the ministry should not be unseated. Hence statement 3 is correct. 5. The power under Article 356 is an exceptional power and should be used only occasionally to meet the requirements of special situations.

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