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Correct Option is 3 and 4

A number of provisions in the Constitution can be amended by a simple majority of the two Houses of Parliament outside the scope of Article 368. These provisions include: 1. Admission or establishment of new states. 2. Formation of new states and alteration of areas, boundaries, or names of existing states. 3. Abolition or creation of legislative councils in states. 4. Second Schedule—emoluments, allowances, privileges, and so on of the president, the governors, the Speakers, judges, etc. 5. Quorum in Parliament. 6. Salaries and allowances of the members of Parliament. 7. Rules of procedure in Parliament. 8. Privileges of the Parliament, its members, and its committees. 9. Use of English language in Parliament. 10. A number of puisne judges in the Supreme Court. 11. Conferment of more jurisdiction on the Supreme Court. 12. Use of official language. 13. Citizenship—acquisition, and termination. 14. Elections to Parliament and state legislatures. 15. Delimitation of constituencies. 16. Union territories. 17. Fifth Schedule—administration of scheduled areas and scheduled tribes. 18. Sixth Schedule—administration of tribal areas. Hence statements 3 and 4 are correct. These two provisions are amended through a special majority plus ratification from 50% states. 1.Any of the lists in the Seventh Schedule. 2.Representation of states in Parliament.

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