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Correct Option is E

Solution:The correct sequence of the given sentence is EADGCB. The given statements talk about how vaccines are priced in India. The passage talks about the unfair selling price of vaccines developed by Serum Institute of India due to the reasons created by the Central Government and how this absurdness is creating a hindrance in supply of billions of new doses. The paragraph starts with statement (E) as it introduces the main idea of the paragraph which is the pricing of the AstraZeneca vaccine by the Serum Institute of India that is Rs 400 per dose for state governments and Rs 600 per dose for private hospitals. It is continued by statement (A) which describes that Serum Institute of India is being compelled to sell to the central government at a price of Rs 150 per dose and how this is affecting the overall surplus and supply of the billions of doses. Statement (D) follows statement (A) calculating the average realised price from domestic sales considering factors mentioned in previous two statements. Statement (D) is continued by statement (G) which calculates the private sales and realised price and also discusses how private hospitals and state governments are facing higher prices because of the very low central obtainment price. The next statement is statement (C) which mentions that Serum Institute of India invested its money in additional capacity to produce the AstraZeneca vaccine even before the successful trials of phase 3 of vaccines. The next and the last statement is statement (B) which concludes the paragraph by saying that finally the Government has started funding for additional vaccines capacity. Hence, option (a) is the most suitable answer choice.

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