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Correct Option is 1 ,2 and 3

Aurangzeb (1658-1707) • He assumed the title of Alamgir. He used to issue secular decrees called Zawabits. • He adopted a harsh religious policy, put a ban on sati, destroyed Hindu temples and reimposed Jizya. • He forbade music in the court practices like Nauroz, Tuladan, Jharokha Darshna and discontinued celebration of Holi and Diwali in Durbar. • It is interesting to note that Aurangzeb was against music, but the largest number of books on classical Indian music in Persian was written during his time. • He executed the ninth Sikh Guru Tej Bahadur which led to Sikh revolt and their turning into a warring community. • He also faced Jat and Satnami uprising and turned Marathas and Rajputs into the enemies of his empire. • He constructed Moti Masjid and Rabia Durrani’s tomb.

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