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Correct Option is Only (ii)

Solution:The correct choice is option (d). Statement (i) and statement (iii) are correct with reference to the information given in the passage.
For (i) refer to the first paragraph which mentions,” With current per capita emissions that are less than half the global average, India’s pledge to reach ‘net zero’ emissions by 2070 has cemented India’s credentials as a global leader. The emissions of all others who have pledged “net zero’ by 2050 are above the global average.”
For (ii), refer to the second paragraph which mentions,” Coal is the most abundant energy source, essential for base load in electrification, and the production of steel and cement. Its use declines after the saturation level of infrastructure is reached.”
For (iii), refer to the second paragraph which mentions,” That India and China working together forced the G7 to make a retraction has signalled the coming of a world order in which the G7 no longer sets the rules”

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