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Correct Option is 1, 2 and 3

Consultative Committees - These committees are attached to various ministries/departments of the Central Government. - They consist of members of both the Houses of Parliament. The Minister/ Minister of State in charge of the Ministry concerned acts as the chairman of the consultative committee of that ministry. - These committees provide a forum for informal discussions between the ministers and the members of Parliament on policies and programmes of the government and the manner of their implementation. - These committees are constituted by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. - The guidelines regarding the composition, functions and procedures of these committees are formulated by this Ministry. - The Ministry also makes arrangements for holding their meetings both during the session and the inter-session period of Parliament. - The membership of these committees is voluntary and is left to the choice of the members and the leaders of their parties. The maximum membership of a committee is 30 and the minimum is 10. - These committees are normally constituted after the new Lok Sabha is constituted, i.e. after General Elections for the Lok Sabha. In other words, these committees shall stand dissolved upon dissolution of every Lok Sabha and shall be reconstituted upon constitution of each Lok Sabha.

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